The following sequence of photos shows the development of a loaf from the point of final shaping through baking. The photos were taken on Wednesday June 5, 2002 except the first photo which was taken the previous evening. The dough was prepared with an electric mixer, and was composed of approx. 90% unbleached white wheat flour and 10% Kamut flour. The hydration is unknown as no precise measuring was done. Carl's starter was used for leavening, and the final shaping was not done until the dough was very actively fermenting. Immediately after shaping, the loaf was refridgerated at about 45F until baking about 7 hours later. The loaf was baked on thick firebrick in an oven preheated to 450F, though 425F was used for most of the baking. Steam was injected into the oven for about 12 minutes of the baking, and was accomplished via the common amateur configuration of stovetop pressure cooker connected to copper tubing running into the oven.

The night before baking, the loaf has just undgone final shaping, and has only risen slightly:

Morning, loaf just removed from fridge and is completely risen:

Moments later, loaf has now been slashed:

Just after putting loaf in oven, sequence of 5 oven photos:

A few pictures of the finished bread: